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I can't describe the gratitude I have for everything Miriam has done for me. Liz

Heal your environment

Are you suffering from :-

 Family arguments
Relationship problems
Financial stress
Endless bad luck   

We heal your environment with cleansing energy.

Property Cleansing Services

Let us create a shift of energy to bring peace & abundance to your property, home or business.


For a large family home of up to 8 rooms in total or a medium-size business premises. 

PRICE $650 including gst


For a small family home with up to 4 rooms in total or a small business premises.

PRICE $350 including gst

Something a little bigger or unsure?

Contact us and ask for a quote. 

Please note prices are based on a maximum of 1 hrs travel from St Kilda, locations outside of this zone will attract a travel expense.

What our clients think ….


My wife and I needed to rent out one of our properties, but it was on the market for a long time without any success. When we lived in the property, we often joked that there was a ghost in the house, as some parts of the rooms and the closet areas seemed freezing cold at times. A friend of ours suggested that we call out Miriam to remove the ghost, because we thought that this might speed up the rental process. Miriam came to our property on time. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She was friendly, yet professional, and felt the ghost immediately. She also told us the story of the ghost, and said that some spirits are very earth bound at the time of their passing, and tend to stick to their homes, unwilling to move to “the heavenly light.”

Miriam released the ghost from “its earthly bondage” as she stated, and proceeded with clearing our home. She used a variety of tools, including candles, and crystals. It was a lengthy process, as our house is large. She also said that we needed to get our energy cleared too, which she did.

I was amazed because when she worked outside the house, there were heavy clouds lingering over the house, and when she finished the job, the clouds disappeared, and all I saw was a clear blue sky.

After Miriam’s hard work we quickly, and easily leased out our home.


I run a food business, and it hasn’t been profitable for a long time. I met Miriam through her son who introduced us. He told me that Miriam can drastically improve my business, and my income through her space clearing, and energy work.

I had a meeting with Miriam, she walked through my shop with me, and she explained to me how the furniture needs to be facing a certain way, and where to put my aquarium, or a water feature. She continued explaining to me that during her work she uses energy clearing equipment like sage, candles, and that she hangs, and places crystals in auspicious places, she said that she also uses certain animal figurines for good luck as well as certain plants in special areas of the shop. She continued to thoroughly explain the entire process to me, so that I understood everything. She explained that the word auspicious means good luck, and that the Chinese use it in Feng Shui placements. 

I booked a time with her so that she would do her work in my shop, and make my shop auspicious. She went as far as doing a ritual on my business cards, fliers, and even my till for increased profit. She also did a blessing of a kind, where she placed protection over my shop.

She told me that over time, I will experience an organic increase with customers, and with my profits. 

Within two months of doing her work, my profits have doubled, and they keep on increasing. I am very grateful to Miriam, and have booked another clearing for six months’ time from now, because Miriam explained to me, that she needs to clear the energy, and bring in clean, and positive energy at least twice a year in order for my shop to continue to flourish.


Miriam suggested that the energy in the shop felt stale, and explained that when a lot of people walk in and out of the shop, they leave an energetic imprint, which at times can be negative, and needs clearing on a regular basis for new energy to be able to flow easily.

 I gave her the keys to my shop, and Miriam cleared the space in my shop. 

In the morning when I walked in, I instantly felt a sense of peace, and tranquility wash over me. The other workers also stated that the energy in the shop felt different, and really beautiful.

 Within a week of Miriams space clearing, my business has quadrupled. I keep boasting about Miriams superior talents to everyone, and several other people whom I have recommended Miriams services to have also seen her, and everyone has nothing but wonderful things to say about her.